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Ultimate Rush: A Review of Sunniva Dee's "Adrenaline"

Adrenaline: An Ode to Love and Heartbreak - Sunniva Dee, Clarise Tan

WARNING: Sexual content, Mature Readers (17+)




First off, this book was HOT! I had to let my tablet cool off before finishing it.

Seriously, Sunniva Dee’s “Adrenaline” was absolutely fantastic! I hadn’t scheduled this book for a review, but I’d read comments from other people saying how great it was. I immediately added it to my reading list. I got so caught up in it that I nearly stayed up all night reading.


I loved all the characters! My favorite had to be Cameron. The boy was hot and twisted. Ingela was seriously screwed up but she had her redeeming qualities (trust me, you have to read between the lines). Bo was just so tragic.


Dee did a wonderful job writing about codependency. Ingela (Inga) and Bo were the poster children for relationship addiction. Bo was emotionally destructive for Inga. The poor child would see him, leave and then be a wreck. Bo had a difficult time trusting his feelings and dealing with change. He constantly came back to Inga even when he verbalized their need not to be together. And, then, there was Cameron. He was the codependent type who was always looking for something to make him feel better. It started with illicit substances and progressed to his need for extreme sports.


But, “Adrenaline” is not a psychological fest. It really is a love story about people who learn important life lessons on their way to becoming mature adults. And, fortunately, by the book’s end they all have an exorcism of their own personal demons.


This was the first Sunniva Dee book I have read. “Adrenaline” earned her a spot on my favorite author list! I highly recommend her book. I’m looking forward to reading more by her. 

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