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A Different Vampire Tale: A Review of Susan Reid’s “H.U.M.A.N.S. Chronicle 1 – Supernatural Selection”

H.U.M.A.N.S: The Veiled World: Chronicle 1: Supernatural Selection - Susan  Reid

I received a copy of this book via the Goodreads First Read giveaway program.

WARNING: Mature Readers 17+ due to graphic scenes and language.



I found Susan Reid’s H.U.M.A.N.S. to be surprisingly good! I had my doubts after reading another review. But, once I got into the book, I couldn’t put it down.


I have to admit I had a hard time categorizing Reid’s book. At first, I was thinking maybe Young Adult. It seemed an innocent read until I got to the first physical encounter between Kai and Gage. If you’re good with a little kink, this is the couple to read about. Fortunately, I have no problem with that element and pressed on. I actually liked the character of Gage. The mysteries surrounding him made me want to know more. I even appreciated Kai’s character. She was a strong protagonist not afraid to get a little blood on her hands.


I did get lost at one point with all the different characters. The story starts with Kai, her brother Cole, Isis and one other person. They meet a nameless Nocturna and then Gage. In the next chapter, we meet Kai’s ‘not boyfriend’ Marq. Enough characters to keep up with. A little bit further Reid throws in a bunch of other characters and names them. I could have done without knowing the names of all the minor characters.


The Nocturna is an interesting take on vampire lore. The main character, Kai, is bitten by one in the beginning of the book. She starts to transform into a hybrid of a Hunter and a Nocturna. Her Hunter persona is actually a hybrid between humanoid and an animal, Tiger. This new form feeds on blood from pure Nocturnas instead of humans.


Reid does intermingle humor in this book. First, there’s Marq, a Water Elemental, who shows up at the local supernatural bar naked. There are continuous jokes about his appearance. I think the Princess Brownie Faerie is the best. She looks like a child but has a mouth that would shame a sailor. This is the second book I’ve read where diminutive fae have an obsession with phallic symbols. What’s up with that?


H.U.M.A.N.S. was not a real cliffhanger, but it did leave unanswered questions. What happened to the royal Nocturna, Nailah? What happens with the Brownie Faerie? How long will Kai and Gage be able to live in Puerto Vallarta without access to more Nocturnas?


Reid has promised a follow up to H.U.M.A.N.S. I hope these questions are answered along with more about Gage.

Source: http://thewordsmithe.wordpress.com/2015/04/28/a-different-vampire-tale-a-review-of-susan-reids-h-u-m-a-n-s-chronicle-1-supernatural-selection