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Unbroken - Jessica Sorensen Unlike some novellas, Jessica Sorensen's "Unbroken" is an essential element of the story between Alex and Gemma. It's not just back story or a 'behind the scenes' read.

Unbroken picks up with Gemma's reappearance after her time with Stephan. Readers learn more about how Alex feels for her and his relationship with Aislen, his sister. When Gemma returns she is now a tool for evil thanks to Stephan. Unfortunately, Alex has to put emotion aside and deal with her. Only a potentially fatal Emotional Exorcism may erase his father's meddling.

I greatly appreciated this novella. Alex becomes more complete. He turns into a character to really like and sympathize with. Gemma, now twisted, gains another facet to her personality and becomes a dimensional character.

Sorensen adds another twist to the plot by adding a new character, Stasha. Remember Batman's Poison Ivy? Well, Stasha is a similar version. Instead of her lips being toxic, it's her hands. She can't touch a person without killing them. What a gift!

"Unbroken" is a must read in this series. Readers will be better prepared for Book 3, "Broken Visions", after reading this tale.