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Fractured Souls

Fractured Souls - Jessica Sorensen I enjoyed Jessica Sorensen's "Fractured Souls". I felt it was a much better book than the first one, "Shattered Promises", in this series.

Sorensen gave the characters more depth in "Fractured Souls". This dark, twisted tale was an exploration of their emotions. Gemma, the main character, is still learning about her emotions. And, even Alex is discovering emotions long since hidden. The biggest emotion the two of them face is Love. Although the story is paranormal with an unfathomable situation, Gemma is constantly asking the same question: How do you know it's love. Much like their situation, it can't easily be answered.

The characters aren't the only ones who get to explore emotions. Readers get to feel sympathy and hate. In "Shattered Promises" it was hard to really like Gemma until her emotions showed up. Alex was such a 'douche' he was unlikable. Thankfully, that changes in "Fractured Souls". Once you learn their perilous situation, you like them and sympathize with them. Even the vampire Laylen is more likable. Sorensen gives us true villains to hate in this story too--Nicholas, Stephan and the Queen of the Underworld.

Emotions aren't the only thing explored in "Fractured Souls". The conflict between Good and Evil spans the story. For Gemma, does the presence of evil within a family doom her to being Evil? What does that say for Alex whose father is the embodiment of Evil? And, what about Laylen? He's a tragic soul created from Evil. Can he have Good within? I love how Sorensen explored this concept. All the answers aren't given in this installment. But, you'll want to keep reading to find them.

"Fractured Souls" is a tale with humor, some memorable moments and a few insightful quotes. The best one came from Gemma. "There are things in life that happen that change who we are, things that are hard to come back from, and in the end we never really are the same." That sums up the whole story.

Be sure to read the novella, "Unbroken". Sorensen writes more about Good and Evil and how it impacts Gemma and Alex in this quick read.