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Dwellers of Darkness

Dwellers of Darkness - Stacey Marie Brown Another great installment in the Darkness Series! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this 'not so typical' paranormal romance. Brown's storytelling style reminds me a lot of Bertice Small, an adult romance writer. I read Small's Skye O'Malley series years ago. I never felt like I was reading a romance novel. Instead, it was just a well-crafted, visual tale. I'm finding those same qualities in Stacey Marie Brown's series.

We rejoin Ember after she has spent time in Otherworld. She didn't realize that time passes differently in the land of faes. Ember has been away for four years and Eli was not happy.

Ember continues to learn about her heritage and her destiny. But, now she has to help her friend, Kennedy, realize that she's no ordinary human. Kennedy is a Druid! Talk about plot twists!

The young Dae is dealing with a lot in this book: a more complicated relationship with Eli, knowledge of her mother's killer, a friend turned traitor (Josh), her pre-birth bond to Torin, an uncle who just happens to be the Unseelie King, a new Demon family and restless Dark Dweller traits. And, to add just a bit more spice to the mix, Lorcan is still tormenting everyone.

Despite Ember's impulsiveness and stubbornness, she is a very likable character. And, Eli just continues to become a more well-rounded beast. These two are like gasoline and lighter fluid to flames, but, the relationship works.

I especially appreciated the humor that the Pixies, Cal and Simmons, bring to the story. There are 'laugh out loud' moments throughout the book. Pixies are major practical jokers and Eli tends to be the source of all their pranks.

Part of me hates that I'm reading the final book in this series. These are characters that you enjoy and hate to leave behind. And, much like Small's Skye O'Malley series, I see myself re-reading Brown's series. It's great reading--intriguing plot, great visuals! The series should be a movie!