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Darkness of Light

Darkness of Light - Stacey Marie Brown I received an e-copy of this book via Netgalley.com in exchange for an honest review.

The word that immediately comes to mind for this New Adult tale is AMAZING!

I've always been a fan of mythology, but, I had never read any Irish folklore. Brown crafted a very ingenious tale of fairies, demons and Otherworld folk. I knocked this book out in two days! The plot and characters had me so intrigued.

To be honest, this would not normally be a "must-read" book for me. But, I'm a fan of the television shows "Grimm" and "Constantine" so Darkness of Light seemed to be right up my alley. Brown did not disappoint.

I was totally drawn into the tale of a young Dae (a cross between a Demon and a Fay) and her battle with an Otherworld Queen, her servants and the Dark Dwellers. Unfortunately, I was half way into the book before I had any inkling of what a Dark Dweller looked like. That didn't bother me as much as the description of the main character, Ember. Usually, I don't rely too much on a cover picture to visualize characters. But, I had a hard time trying to fix the image of Ember (Em) in my mind. So, I was very thankful for a clear picture on the cover.

Once I was past the character descriptions, the plot twists continued to push me forward. The creativity in the story line was phenomenal. Brown keeps you guessing right up to the final page.

The only other detail that caused some dismay was Brown's use of Irish. I'd never heard the language spoken so, I had no idea what the characters should have sounded like. Plus, I had no way of knowing how to pronounce the words I was reading. For some readers, that won't be an issue. I'm someone, however, who really visualizes the characters I'm reading including their voices. Brown does give a glossary at the end of the book. Mind you, I was reading an e-book version. It would have been helpful if the glossary could have been in the front for e-books.

If you're new to the New Adult Paranormal genre, be sure to include Darkness of Light on your reading list. I'm already reading book two in the series.