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All Fall Down

All Fall Down - Ally Carter I chose Ally Carter's "All Fall Down" strictly after reading an online preview of the first chapter. It seemed to be an interesting book so, when I saw it at the library I happily picked it up.

Unfortunately, the story was a little flat for me. I would have liked more character development especially in the main character, Grace. There were times when I had to read backwards to find details of what she looked like. Her brother was constantly mentioned, but I never got a sense of what type of relationship she had with him. Her relationship with Alexei, Jamie's friend, was never fleshed out. By the time it got interesting, Alexei was sent back to Moscow. Sure hope he turns up in the sequel.

Grace does have interesting friends. And, there are some good interactions. But, I kept wanting more.

Carter's "All Fall Down" has all the potential of a young adult spy thriller. The story doesn't take off, for me, until the last quarter of the book. The overall plot is intriguing. I do want to know what happens in the sequel. I'd recommend this book to someone on the younger scale--maybe someone who is just transitioning from middle grade to young adult books. It needs more details and descriptions to really hook the older young adult reader.