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Ignite Me

Ignite Me - Tahereh Mafi "Ignite Me" was a thrilling read right up to the end. As a matter of fact, I got to the end of the story way too soon.

Although I enjoyed this series, Mafi left a few unanswered questions with this final installment. It would have been nice to know what transpired between Adam and Warren. Also, I wanted to know how Juliette handled her new role. Perhaps a chapter or two would have ended this series better.

There were some anticipated outcomes readers could enjoy: the demise of Anderson, Warner gets his just reward and Juliette finally matures. I think the best part of "Ignite Me" is when Juliette realizes that she created her own prison. She had the means to break out of the asylum, but, she let others control her actions. Juliette didn't act in her own best interest nor did she think for herself. If she had opted to do those two things, her life would have been different. In the end, she didn't need a knight to come to her rescue. Juliette just needed to be freed from her captive thinking. And, that speaks volumes for anyone.

Mafi continued to interject humor in this series. Towards the end of "Ignite Me", I felt like the X-Men joined the story. There were great visual details to enhance this element of the book.

I loved the interactions between Juliette and Kenji. Their friendship was poignant and even humorous at times--the whole dialogue about Kenji not being Bruce Lee was funny.

I thoroughly enjoyed the series. With its great descriptions and plot line, the "Shatter Me" series would make a great movie.