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Protector - Christine Pope I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

WARNING: Sexual content, Mature Readers (17+)


"Protector" by Christine Pope is a paranormal thriller complete with action and romance--loved it!

If you haven't read the other books in the "Witches of Cleopatra Hill" series, stop and pick them up. Although Protector reads like a standalone, it helps if you know the back story.

I loved how Pope intertwined Angela, Connor and Adam in this installment. It's been a couple of years since Angela and Connor's marriage. Their powers as prima and primus have increased. Without them, this tale would have a very different outcome.

I have to admit "Protector" had a creepy plot--young girls kidnapped and used for some demonic ritual. To make matters worse, the main character kept having visions of what happened to these girls with their captors. It made for an intriguing story that was hard to put down.

If you've read the other books, you'll remember Alex Trujillo. Well, he's back and handsome as ever. He wasn't destined to be Angela's consort, but he does have a bond with the main character of this tale.

Pope doesn't disappoint with "Protector". There is yet another installment in this series due out in the fall. Will it come out in time for Samhain?