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Emerge - Heather Sunseri Hands down--this book was absolutely good! I read it in two days!

Heather Sunseri's "Emerge" is a screen worthy narrative focused on life after a devastating worldwide pandemic. This intriguing plot embraces society's current concerns about Ebola, measles and the spread of other illnesses.

Along with a dynamic plot, Sunseri gives us strong, vivid, likable characters. Cricket is so well-developed it is easy to forget she's only eighteen. West is the disillusioned love interest--think of him as the male equivalent of Alice in Wonderland. He slid down the rabbit hole and someone turned the light on for him. It was interesting to see how he developed and changed by the end of the book. Dax and Dylan prove that identical twins do not necessarily have identical personalities. Dax is the hot button side of a love triangle--he reacts before thinking. But, you get the feeling that thinking isn't too high on his list of priorities. Dylan is the calmer side of the pair. But, we don't get a good look at his personality in this book (maybe he'll show up in Book Two). Hats off to Sunseri for creating a great antagonist--Vice President Justin! At no point will you like this man.

Description is handled expertly by Sunseri. New Caelum is a fictional city in a bubble located in close proximity to Biltmore Estates! (Thank you for a great frame of reference.) I pictured the city as a large Habitrail for people--air tight with no real escape route. The details of the settlement outside of New Caelum were superb--think fortified suburb meets Puritan village.

Yes, Sunseri's book is dystopian. And, yes, it's a romance. But, it doesn't read like a stereotypical, formulaic piece of dribble. Instead, it is well-written and thought provoking. What measures would any government take to protect its citizens from a worldwide pandemic? Would only the wealthy do well? Or, would everyone get a fair shot?

I enjoyed "Emerge" and can't wait for Book Two.