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Embracing Your Gifts

Chosen at Nightfall - C.C. Hunter

I thoroughly enjoyed the final chapter in Kylie Galen’s life! C.C. Hunter’s Chosen at Nightfall had me intrigued and laughing from cover to cover.


Hunter delivered a cast of unforgettable characters–Kylie, Della, Miranda, Holiday, Burnett, Perry, Lucas and Derek. I loved how the characters developed in this series. Kylie never thought of herself as brave or even confident. By the end of her tale, she was so much more. As much as I liked Derek, I was cheering for Team Lucas. I really enjoyed Kylie’s roommates–Miranda and Della. You couldn’t help but feel their angst on Parents Day. It’s not just humans who have parents that don’t understand. I was also routing for Burnett and Holiday. It seemed as if everyone at Shadow Falls were so stubborn that they didn’t know how to get out of their own way.


C.C. Hunter gave a different spin on the stereotypical ‘quest’ most heroes and heroines encounter. Kylie had to learn who she was, appreciate who she was, and embrace who she was. Kylie was adept at helping her fellow campers with their woes. It took her nearly five books to follow her own advice. Thankfully, she realized she was cheating herself by staying angry. She also learned where her anger came from.


My favorite quote from the book was Kylie reminding Lucas “who was it that said if the door is locked, find a window. If the window’s locked, well…break it. If it won’t break then find a freaking sledgehammer and make a new one.” In other words, do whatever it takes to get what you want. Congratulations! Little Kylie Galen grew up.


I love how everyone got their just rewards at the end of Chosen at Nightfall. The villains went to their final resting places. And, the campers all enjoyed a happy ending.


I’m happy to say “The Shadow Falls” novels don’t end with this book! C.C. Hunter has written more about the campers.

Source: http://thewordsmithe.wordpress.com/2015/06/09/embracing-your-gifts-a-review-of-c-c-hunters-chosen-at-nightfall