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A Family Parasite?

Line of Descent - James Derry

I received an ARC from Goodreads First Reads program in exchange for an honest review.

James Derry's "Line of Descent" is a dark, creepy horror story. I enjoyed the well-written suspenseful tale of Elise Gardener, a girl destined to become just like her mother, grandparents, etc.

I loved the characters Derry crafted. Elise moved me to sorrow. The poor girl lost her mother and was forced to carry out a strange, twisted family tradition. Mallory was someone in the wrong place at the wrong time. She was a courageous girl wanting to be a good friend. Unfortunately, I think she may have enjoyed being in the Gardener's world. She may even have found it to be advantageous. The character of the Wise One was a classic creepy villain. It was a being only concerned about itself and its survival. Each character Derry created was fully developed and interesting.

I felt "Line of Descent" was the embodiment of the classic horror tale. Derry included all the right elements: foreshadowing (sprinkled throughout the tale), fear (evident in Mallory's and Elise's actions and thoughts), suspense (I couldn't put the book down), mystery (what role did the ring, blood and all the artifacts play in the tale?), and imagination (Derry nailed it with a unique story). Derry's tale included an overpowering evil persona, a strong protagonist, a cast of wannabe's in a power struggle and the good friend who is supportive even in the face of danger.

The details were excellent in "Line of Descent". I could easily slip inside Elise's dreams and visualize everything. Even the setting of the story was easy to create in my mind.

I loved how Derry ended Elise's story. Whether or not there's a sequel, isn't important. Classic horror tales don't need one. Think back to Rod Serling's "Night Gallery". You didn't have to know what happened next to the characters. Your mind created the conclusion or it left you with a thought. Derry's Line of Descent left me a thought: Can something be called a parasite, if the host is willing?

Pick up a copy of "Line of Descent". You will not be disappointed!

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