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Alien Teen Avengers: A Review of M.H. Soars’ “The Phoenix Shadow”

The Phoenix Shadow (Arcadian Wars Book 2) - M. H. Soars

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Book Two in the Arcadian Wars, The Phoenix Shadow by M.H. Soars, was a delight!


This installment in the lives of a group of teens from a far away planet and their Earth charge was much better than the first one. The Prophecy of Arcadia had an interesting plot that kept me intrigued. But, The Phoenix Shadow took the story line and added more drama, more action and more plot twists. I got so caught up in the story that I didn’t want to put the book down.


I’m not a big fan of alien tales which have disfigured creatures or fantastical beings with odd characteristics. You won’t find any of that in M.H. Soars’ books. Her stories are well-crafted stories that explore ‘what if’. Scientists are constantly searching for life on other planets. And, thanks to Hollywood, our concept of aliens runs to the fantastical. Soars kept it realistic by creating human type characters who live on a planet not like Earth, but dependent upon our resources. And, just like Earth, the inhabitants of this foreign planet have major issues with race and government.


I loved the characters in The Phoenix Shadow especially Samantha and Matt with their on-again off-again relationship. Fortunately, Soars delivers more than a YA story with the stereotypical love triangle. This romance has a group of teens struggling with love while fighting to save their planet and Earth. It makes for some serious laugh out loud moments. Think of a house of superheroes (Batman, Superman, Thor) with their female counterparts (Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Elektra) all in love with each other. Funny moments!


My favorite character was Durgin. In the first book, he was mysterious and not very nice. In The Phoenix Shadow we get his story and he transforms into a likable character who has a heart and only wants to do the right thing. Joining him in the battle of human rights (or should it be Arcadian rights?) is Lucas. I loved his story and would love to read more about the boy who wasn’t supposed to exist.


I really liked the story idea. Yes, there’s a protagonist who discovers she has powers. And, yes, there is a quest. But, Soars delivered a few twists. Everyone is powerful and learning the extent of those powers. And, the quest? It’s called a bond and involves soul mates. What makes this story work is the family angle. The protagonist, Alexia, learns to embrace her family regardless of how that family came to exist. The theme runs throughout The Phoenix Shadow and makes the story a worthwhile read.


I highly recommend picking up a copy. If you haven’t read The Prophecy of Arcadia, be sure to read it first. 

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