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A Creative Take On Good vs. Evil

The Redeemer (Celestial Book 3) - Kimberly Lewis

I received an ARC through Goodreads R2R in exchange for an honest review.

***Mature Content***

Kimberly Lewis’ The Redeemer is a highly imaginative book full of intrigue. This well-written tale blew me away. It challenged my thinking on common religious doctrine. It opened my mind to possibilities.

Don’t get hung up on the fact there is graphic sexual details. If you look past those, you’ll find a heartfelt story of love, redemption, and good vs. evil.

I loved how Lewis played the “what if” card to the hilt. Imagining Lucifer as a fallen angel who should be sympathized is brilliant. The relationships between the characters defy standard conceptions, but I loved them. My favorite was the ‘take no prisoners’ Beth. Her persona is bigger than her petite stature. She confounds the men in her life. After they’ve had the chance to calm down, she usually gets her way. Lewis did a magnificent job in creating extremely strong, sensitive women. Both angels and humans are incredibly determined females who care strongly for those in their lives. My other favorite character was Lucifer. Religious doctrine teaches us he is a fallen angel—evil and rebellious. As an angel he would be handsome (not the mythological beast seen in movies). Lewis took the idea of a handsome fallen angel and spun a character who is the master of deception and mesmerization into a sympathetic, caring persona. Brilliant on her part! I also loved Samyaza. Do your research. He was a fallen angel. Lewis took this idea and created a character who was remorseful but didn’t regret standing up for his belief. Man!

The story of The Redeemer is so creative. It touches on ideas I’ve seen in the tv series, “Dominion” but explores those ideas in such an in-depth way. Parts of this story are so humorous while others will leave your jaw swinging in the wind. I have to applaud Lewis in giving details (I’m not talking merely sexual) so real you would think she met an angel.

This book is not for the pessimist. It will intrigue you. It will cause you to look things up (i.e. Samyaza, Samael and Lilith). If you’re open to it, your mind will crawl with possibilities. Step out of your box and be prepared for a mind bending read. If you read to music, throw on some modern classical (I have a playlist). I can’t wait to read the next book!

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1338133647?book_show_action=false