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Dismantling Beliefs

Dismantling Evan - Venessa Kimball

I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Dismantling Evan by Venessa Kimball is an extraordinary book. It is a heartfelt, emotional story about teenage mental illness. If you read this book and are not moved, you should check your pulse.


I loved the characters in this book, all of them–good and bad. My favorites, however, were Evan, Gavin, Nikki and Brody. Each one them had such an inner strength that was unrecognized. Evan was proud and willful. She wanted to believe in herself. She held tight to the idea that she was just a normal teen. It wasn’t until her mom finally shared her own secret that Evan opened up to the possibility that there was something extra in her personality. Gavin was another extraordinary character. He had an unexpected sensitivity that I loved. Nikki was awesome. She was a former member of a clique that rotated around a supreme mean girl. But, Nikki had heart. A huge heart. She rose above the clique and stood up for her beliefs. And, Brody….what can I say? There’s sorrow, tragedy, despair and a guy who just wants to be himself. I felt so much for him. It’s hard to put a word on the feelings.


Dismantling Evan makes you stop and think. I’ve always felt that not enough is done for those who struggle with mental illness. It doesn’t discriminate affecting people from all walks of life, gender, and age. Kimball has done a fantastic job bringing to light a topic many people like to sweep under the carpet. When it comes to the mental stability of teens, denial seems to be the accepted policy. It’s easier to put it off on hormones or simply being a teen. Not always true as this book illustrates. Kimball even shines a light on bullying, another taboo topic. Bullying alone is bad enough, but bullying those who are walking a tight rope trying to maintain stability is just wrong. Thank you Venessa Kimball for such a profound book!


Don’t get me wrong. Dismantling Evan has its message, but there’s so much more. This is a story with humor, the joys of a first romance and the strength that comes from good friends. You will laugh and you might just cry reading this wonderful story.


Source: http://thewordsmithe.wordpress.com/2015/09/01/dismantling-beliefs-a-review-of-venessa-kimballs-dismantling-evan