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An Emotional Roller Coaster

Next (Kiss Series Book 1) - Rachael Brownell

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.


Oh. My. God. This book hurt to read. Seriously. It was so friggin’ good. The emotional roller coaster it took me on was tremendous. My heart ached after the first few pages. And, just when I thought I found a joyful moment it was ripped away. Some how I managed to read this story in ONE night.


Rachael Brownell delivered a unique story of love and life in Next. I felt every emotion Reagan, the main character, experienced. I came awfully close to picking up the Kleenex box more than once. Whew!


The characters in this tale…they floored me. I wanted to kick Luke for being a typical man. And, then he shared his feelings. Oh, man. If every guy shared feelings the way he did, well…let’s just say there would be women out there who wouldn’t be able to stand let alone walk (yours truly included). I didn’t know whether to admire Reagan’s fortitude or give the girl a ticket to the loony farm. Seriously, a ten year wait? Sorry, I’m not telling you what that’s about. You have to read the book. And, please read this book! I don’t want to be the only one whose heart stopped at each chapter. I have to mention Felicity. This is the roommate every girl wants. She is so unbelievably strong. If my life went the way hers did, I’d be a basket case. I loved Elliot. Ms. Brownell if you’re reading this, I did not like what you did with that character! I nearly lost it. Good thing no one was home when I read this book.


Next is not your typical romance story. It will grab you, pull your heart strings, test your emotions and give you an ending you’ll be happy with. Hats off to Rachael Brownell for such a great read! It’s my understanding that we get to read more about Felicity!! Yay!!

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