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Kicking Butt Far Eastern Style

Gilded (The Gilded Series) by Farley, Christina (March 1, 2014) Paperback - Christina Farley

I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


I chaeg-eun nollaun! This book is amazing!


Christina Farley’s Gilded is an original fantasy based on Korean mythology. I love books that are inspired by different cultures and this one fills the bill over and over again. Although it’s not necessary to enjoy this story, I found a website which helped me pronounce the Korean words. I also Googled some of the items mentioned in the story, kimbap, hanboksamjoko and many more. Any book that does this for me is OUTSTANDING! Reading is learning….


The details in Gilded are so vivid. Farley interweaved imagery which helped me create every scene in my head. Reading this book was like taking an express trip to South Korea.


The characters were wonderful. I loved Jae Hwa, Marc and Haraboji (grandfather). Jae Hwa was self-assured and strong. But, she doubted her abilities. The girl was so talented in a kick ass kind of way. I think her doubt was her way of being humble. It would be too easy to brag about her skills.


Marc was the perfect Prince Charming with supernatural ability. I couldn’t help but love this guy. He stuck up for his beliefs and never wavered in his support of Jae Hwa.

Habeoji reminded me of Mr. Miyagi (“Karate Kid”). He came off as bristly as a Brillo pad but had a heart of gold.


I loved the story line of Gilded. It was unique and so creative. The mythological creatures and artifacts can be researched. I enjoyed learning about mythology and a culture I never considered before. I am looking forward to reading more of this series.


I highly recommend this book to everyone!

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