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Kite Dreams: A Review of A.M. Willard's "Fading Memories"

Fading Memories - A.M. Willard

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

For Mature Readers: 18+


I loved A.M. Willard’s Fading Memories. It was a delightful, page turner about finding and embracing true love. The story line had that familiar ‘boy next door’ feel with a twist on it.


There were some serious laugh out loud moments throughout the book. Many of them involved situations of utter embarrassment for the main character, Isabel Nichols (Izzie).


I loved the characters in Fading Memories. Dakota, the man next door, was my favorite and new book boyfriend. He was patient, kind, devoted to Izzie, and hot. He always knew the right thing to do or say. Just the kind of man women dream about (which Izzie did). I even loved Izzie. Her determination was admirable. She wanted to solve her own issues, but she lacked the self-confidence to really do so. Her weaknesses were so obvious, but Willard gave her room to grow (and she did). Another great character was the unseen one, Izzie’s father. Everything he did was in his daughter’s best interest (so he thought). I loved his words to Izzie (read the book and you’ll understand this). Izzie was surrounded by well-meaning friends who loved her to death and wanted to protect her fragile soul.


Fading Memories contains a few well-placed sexual references, but they are necessary to the story. They don’t feel like they were thrown in for the sake of having a romance.


Contemporary romance stories are like palate cleansers for me after reading a lot of heavy hitting, creepy stories. Willard’s novel was refreshing and did everything I needed in a well-crafted love story. I highly recommend this book and I look forward to read more from her.

Source: http://thewordsmithe.wordpress.com/2015/09/22/kite-dreams-a-review-of-a-m-willards-fading-memories