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Friends, Angels and Love

Angels Dawn (The Dawn Trilogy Book 1) - Komali da Silva

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.


I love tales about angels especially ones battling demons. And, Komali da Silva’s Angels Dawn doesn’t disappoint. This book is an interesting story about guardian angels and a mysterious cast of characters who have it in for the human he’s in charge of.


Angelo Santamaria qualifies as every girl’s book boyfriend. He’s gorgeous, caring, and very suave. He’s so devoted to Dawn that when things take a turn for the worst you feel the pain just as much as the characters.


Dawn is perfection. She’s that book character who can do no wrong in everyone’s eyes, but the darkness is just beneath the surface. It’s waiting to come out, but she never fully acts on it. She’s such a good cookie that when she gets caught between two different guys she’s more concerned about their feelings.


Nate was probably my favorite out of all the characters. He was patience personified. So loyal, so caring, and so giving of himself. Not sure if he should qualify as a book boyfriend or a book doormat. Dawn never truly appreciated what she had in him.


Angels Dawn is not your average ‘girl meets guy’ story. There’s a serious twist at the end (which pissed me off) that takes this story up a notch.


I was pleasantly surprised that this book read like it was written by an American. Outside of the reference of a VW Polo, a supermini vehicle found outside of the United States,  it didn’t have me Googling every single little thing. I’ve read books by a few foreign authors and had to look up everything (cars, houses, food, drink).


I found da Silva’s book delightful and recommend it to everyone!

Source: http://thewordsmithe.wordpress.com/2015/10/01/friends-angels-love-a-review-of-komali-da-silvas-angels-dawn