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A Purrr-fect Love Story!

Cat Love: A sexy thriller about the animal in all of us - Sunniva Dee, Clarise Tan

I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

For Mature Readers: 18+


I previously reviewed a shorter version of this book as part of the "Behind the Cape" anthology.


I thoroughly enjoyed Sunniva Dee’s Cat Love. This paranormal thriller is really a great love story. It is well-written with great characters.


In my previous review I assumed Aidan Keir had a secret that went beyond his special abilities. Boy I was off! His only secret was his inner character. Throughout the story Aidan is self-sacrificing in order for a very unique woman to reach her full potential. New book boyfriend!


Aidan’s obsession with self-control threw me. I figured he had to have something dangerous lurking beneath waiting to come to the surface. Well, if his type of love is dangerous, then, every woman should have a man with that kind of peril. Aidan was a man who was willing to put his needs on a back burner and concentrate on the needs of the woman he loved. Priceless!


Ulani, the special lady who landed in his life, had a major issue with self-control. She knew she could manipulate others through her sexuality. The love and concern of a good man, however, helped her learn restraint. Ulani’s stability enabled her to embrace her strength as an intelligent woman with hopes and dreams.


Aidan and Ulani had the perfect symbiotic relationship. His unrelenting faith in her allowed him to grow as a person. He’d spent his adult years never settling down with any one person for long. Aidan had female friends, but he had yet to discover love. Supporting Ulani through her struggle cultivated a special friendship which morphed into something stronger, greater. Ulani never placed any conditions on Aidan. She had always wanted to be in control of her other half, but she didn’t work to develop it until Aidan. Her desire to conquer her weakness was driven by her love for him.


Furthermore, the two of them had a selfless love for others which was truly beautiful. In this intriguing story, they were willing to risk themselves to help others. Aidan and Ulani never questioned whether they should assist people. They only wondered how and when.

The story had me racing through the pages. I was holding my breath waiting for something terrible to happen. But, in this tale, the villains stay villains and justice is served.


Cat Love offers readers a wonderful message. When you take yourself out of the equation and focus on someone else, you’ll find true love. Thanks again Sunniva Dee for an awesome story!

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