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Don't Believe Everything You See!

Unwilling - K.D. Wood

I met K.D. Wood during the UtopYACon back in June. After hearing her talk about her book, I knew I wanted to read it. I was rewarded greatly.


This beautiful written story was like a modern version of “Beauty and the Beast” meets “Alice in Wonderland”. The tale she spun was so creative and intriguing. I had to force myself to stop reading to go to sleep. Otherwise, I would have finished this book in one night.


Hayden was my favorite character. He stuck by Neely’s side through all that she went through. It’s definitely a trait you want in a best friend. But, when you get it in a boyfriend, it’s just freaking awesome. Aunt Gee Gee was another favorite of mine. If any of you are from the South or have friends living in the South, you’d recognize this woman. She was spunky, full of wisdom, and just oozed Southern charm. Gee Gee is that person who isn’t afraid to give you a good swat across the rear regardless of your age or relation to her.

I wasn’t sure whether to pity Andrew or hate him. There was a lot about this character that was revealed ever so slowly. At the end of the story, the verdict was still out about him. I had no love for Neely. I felt for her in the beginning, but when she did a complete 360 in attitude…well, let’s just say she needed a good swat on the rear.


Once again, I managed to read another story about villains who were too close to home for comfort. The bad guys in Unwilling are truly unlikable. They are so evil you just want to hurt them.


Wood has an awesome way with words. She can really turn a Southern phrase. ‘Holy Moses’, ‘yacked it back up’, and ‘What’re you, a disobedient puppy piddling on the rug?’ were some of my favorites. The way Wood handles words allows you to get a real sense of the emotion behind them and help carve an image of each character. Every time Hayden’s mother got on the backs of one of her sons, I could hear and see her standing in the kitchen.


The dream sequences contained great vivid details. Instead of them detracting from the story, they enhanced it and gave me a real understanding of what was going on.


This was a fantastic story which will grab your heart strings and test your patience. I loved K.D. Wood’s Unwilling. Look for my review of book two, Unloved, very soon.

Source: http://thewordsmithe.wordpress.com/2015/10/20/dont-believe-everything-you-see-a-review-of-k-d-woods-unwilling